ySense - A High-quality GPT Platform that Can Accumulate Wealth by Clicking

ySense, formerly known as ClixSense, was founded in early 2007 as a site offering free micro-tasks for members to earn money by watching ads, completing surveys or playing games. The idea was originally conceived by Steven Grisky, and was later acquired in 2010 by Jim Grago, who has over 15 years of internet marketing experience and has contributed significantly to the development of ClixSense. In July 2019, company ownership was transferred to Prodege LLC, an American online marketing company based in El Segundo, California.


With the transfer of ownership, ClixSense rebranded to ySense and re-added PayPal (deleted on February 8, 2017). As before, gift cards from top global brands such as Amazon and prepaid MasterCard/VISA (in select countries) are still supported as payment options. ySense essentially has the same functionality as its predecessor, with the only notable changes being the addition of survey providers like ProdegeMR, and offers to make money from top brands like Uber/Tidal. Over time, new ways to earn money are expected to be added.

High-quality GPT Platform

If you've come here while looking for an online income opportunity, you've stumbled upon one of the most common examples of that opportunity, and that's GPT. GPT (Get-Paid-To) platforms or rewards sites are a reliable source for you to earn income by taking surveys, completing tasks, and other everyday online activities.


If you've ever taken a survey offered by your service provider or favorite brand, it's pretty easy to understand what GPT is. GPT is a platform for coordinating similar surveys, allowing you to generate income by sharing your valuable opinions. ySense is such a platform, a high-quality GPT platform that can gradually accumulate wealth through your clicks. Whether you're a newbie looking to earn free pocket money or a marketing pro looking to build a steady stream of income, ySense has huge appeal for both forms of membership. Because it's based on an effective business model that has proven its stability and longevity.

Known for its legitimacy, ySense has kept its promises since its inception in February 2007 and paid members their earnings promptly. It is a constantly innovative business with a solid partner network and over 1 million members. However, its potential depends on how you use it. While this isn't a get-rich-quick project, if you're willing to put in enough time and effort, you will indeed reap great rewards from it.

Multiple Ways of Income Opportunities

The income opportunities on ySense can be divided into five ways, namely Paid Surveys, Cash Offers, Appen Tasks, Daily Checklist Bonuses and Affiliate Program.

1. Highest Paid Surveys

ySense works with multiple 3rd party partners such as PureSpectrum, YourSurveys and Peanut Labs to bring you the most valuable surveys. Taking surveys is one of the most lucrative ways to make money on ySense.

Each completed survey can bring you anywhere from $0.1 to $5. The duration of these surveys ranged from 10 to 30 minutes. Factors such as your geographic location, occupation, interests, etc. will determine the number of surveys you can receive each day. At the same time, these factors also affect the rewards and availability of surveys.

The ability to complete surveys can easily add hundreds of dollars to your monthly income. Such an opportunity should not be missed by neglect. Therefore, you should join ySense now!


2. Paid Cash Offers

Cash offers are another compelling source of income on ySense. It entails testing new products and services, watching videos, signing up for websites, downloading apps, and more. Third-party providers such as Persona.ly, Peanut Labs, AdGate, and Coupons help ySense bring these offers onto its platform.

While the pay varies, I recommend trying as many offers as possible until you find the one that works best for you. You may get paid less than you would for completing a survey.

However, you can complete the relatively high-paying offer by submitting your credit card information. Overall, the rewards of such offers far outweigh the cost of participation. So, if there’s no reluctance on your part to share your credit card credentials, you'll get paid handsomely.

3. Flexible and Universally Applicable Appen Tasks

Despite the tight schedule, Appen tasks pay handsomely. By leveling up, you can unlock higher level tasks and get better rewards. To complete the level 1 tasks, you need to answer 100 "test questions" with at least 70% accuracy.

Once you reach that stage, the rewards for the tasks will increase substantially, and you'll have enough Appen Tasks to keep you busy all day. Many members perform 300-400 tasks per day as a means of earning a living. It's a fantastic option for people from India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and other countries where survey opportunities are scarce. Distribution of rewards is not instant, you need to submit your work for approval and wait for verification.


Appen tasks can be performed according to your preferred schedule. However, working 3-4 hours a day, you can quickly earn over $200. This is a satisfactory outcome for those who work part-time for extra income.

4. Daily Checklist Bonus

Active members are eligible to receive additional rewards on ySense. Every day you complete your daily checklist, a bonus of 12% of your gross earnings will be added to your account balance. The daily checklist requires you to do any of the following to be eligible to participate:

  • Complete at least 10 Appen tasks, or
  • Complete at least 2 offers or surveys, or
  • Complete at least 5 Appen tasks and 1 offer or survey.

This, combined with two additional layers of bonuses, brings the maximum possible bonus up to 16%. The first layer of this is an additional bonus of 2% from ClixAddon. In order to get this reward, run ClixAddon an hour after completing the checklist, and enable survey notifications under its options. The second layer is another 2% continuous activity bonus. This reward can be obtained on the third consecutive day after the completion of the daily checklist, and it is only valid for that day.

5. Lucrative Affiliate Program

ySense offers an affiliate program that can even rival your full-time income. Because there is no limit to the number of ySense referrals you can recruit. So essentially, your earning potential is unlimited.

The affiliate program can be divided into two parts, namely the sign-up commission and the activity commission. Every time a referred member becomes an active referrer, you can earn a sign-up commission. You will receive $0.10 or $0.30 from top tier countries. On top of that, you get an extra $2 when your referral earns their first $5 (excluding bonuses and commissions).

You'll earn a 20% commission for every approved survey, offer, and task your referrals complete. With at least 100 or more active referrals and at least one transaction in the past 30 days, you can earn an additional 5% affiliate commission. This will raise the commission level to 25%. To reach the optimal commission level of 30% by earning an extra 10% commission, 200 or more active referrals are required.

ySense Most Admired Excellent Quality

Unequivocally Cost-free. Unlike many so-called home income opportunities, ySense is completely free to join with no hidden usage fees.

Reliable and Trustworthy. ySense has always been a solid online income opportunity. As a legitimate rewards platform, it has great feedback from members and proofs of payment all over the web.

International Availability. ySense can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world. Also, the methods used to process payments are mostly available globally. This is very beneficial for those who cannot participate in the main money-making platforms due to their geographical location.

Totally True High Returns. While members from the US, UK, and some of the top European countries have the highest earning potential, it's still possible for residents of lower-tier countries to earn four-figure monthly income on ySense. The highest earner I’ve come across currently generating 2000 dollars per month, and has made a lifetime gross of $149,718 in 10 years time (of which his total was around $125,000 in the last 5 years). All this he accomplished residing in India, a tier 2 country.


Recruiting Strategies For Getting Active Referrals

Affiliate programs are one of the best ways to make money on ySense and are essential to generate consistent and steady growth in revenue. Those who make high profits on ySense, without exception, do so because of implementing the right referral recruitment strategy on the affiliate program. For us, recruiting real active referrals is a valuable thing, otherwise it is a waste of time. By implementing some comprehensive strategies targeting your target audience and using a unique platform to showcase ySense, your chances of getting active referrals should be greatly increased.

1. Increase Exposure To Target Audience

As mentioned earlier, survey/offer availability varies by country. So knowing which countries are performing best is very important for us to formulate strategies accordingly.

Details gathered by contacting ySense and its partners reveal that North America emerges as the highest paying region due to the best availability of surveys and offers. Active referrals from the American continent, especially those from the United States and Canada, generate the highest commissions. The UK, Germany, France and Australia are next. Data tracked from a representative sample of 5,000 referrers shows that Mexicans also perform very well. The top five earners in the sample included three Mexicans who each completed more than 1,000 offers.

For the above-mentioned groups of people, increasing the exposure in the corresponding geographical locations of these countries will greatly increase the activity rate of your referrals and your profitability.

P.S. Top Tier Countries Includes Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, China Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States.

2. Uniquely Showcased Website

It can be said that a well-known GPT website like ySense has millions of members who want to go all out to build their own team. However, most of their efforts are wasted because they don't know how to market.

Clearly, having a uniquely showcased website can give you a significant advantage in terms of competition. Here are some recommendations:

Give Preference to Pay-per-click Ads. View-based or impression-based advertising is not the best option due to the high level of competition from similar sites.

Create Homemade Marketing Materials. While most people use the default marketing tools, creating homemade banner ads and branding them with your unique logo can greatly improve your chances of getting referrals. Custom splash pages/landing pages are also very important marketing aids.

Learn Affiliate Marketing. Getting the most out of any affiliate program requires a solid understanding of affiliate marketing. The same rule applies to ySense's referral program. An online digital marketing course can greatly help you acquire knowledge in this regard. Starting a blog and creating ySense-related content that ranks on the first page of search engines is the maven way of driving organic traffic. Such traffic is most likely to convert into active referrals. Taking an online marketing course will provide you with the tools needed to create a blog and generate content, giving you similar expertise while reaping immeasurable returns!

Creating Ripples of Wealth with ySense

Countless hits on the web often just add to the tedium and boredom of life. These clicks are not targeted and fail to reach their potential. But ySense brings meaning to those clicks.


Tapping on ySense is like throwing a small stone and causing ripples on the surface of the water. However, the ripples quickly disappear after the circumference of each crest reaches its maximum length. Without additional action, the impact of the ripples will not be sustained. Therefore, simply creating a ySense account will not give you instant success.

Conversely, continuous clicking, completing tasks and surveys can generate more "ripples". These "ripples" merge into each other and expand in scope. After a series of ups and downs, driven by the ripples of peaks and valleys, your hard work will eventually lead you to the shore of wealth.

If you've been struggling to find good projects to make money online, then start with ySense, as the platform is a great place to earn the extra income you deserve. There is no doubt that there are few such good platforms, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

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